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With Hannah Tasker-Poland we wanted to do a photo shoot around Debussy’s ‘Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune’ (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun) for a long time.We were particularly interested in Vaslav Nijinski’s interpretation of the piece from 1912.

With the help of the talented Andrea Hows, a fantastic make up and body painter, we finally managed to do it. It took us a year.
Faun, collaborative work with @andrea_hows and Hannah Tasker Poland, a fab dancer and person. #dance #debussy #faun
The monocle. #posh #noble #vonstroheim
Last week end I spent some time in a studio with Gareth Okan. Gareth Okan is a young professional dancer currently based in Auckland.
I have chosen to show Gareth’s moves and personality in the simplest way, in black and white, with as little retouching as possible. Here is a selection of the pictures we produced together:
For the photo enthusiasts out there, all these pictures were made in camera (ie not ‘photoshopped’).
Gareth Okan. #dance #dancer #double.
Great shoot today with @andrea_hows Super MUA and Hannah Tasker-Poland.
First film developed in many May moons. Good fun!
Some of my image nation conference pics in DPhoto magazine. #dphoto
Model: Bay Rawlinson.
Make up: Priya Alexander - Makeup Artist.
Hair: Jemima K Makeup Artist.Jewellery : Nick Von K.Clothing: Bay Trashwear. (*)photos ©2014 Jocelen Janon
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"What so you love about being a woman?"
divinity. absolute.

the female form is the occult/is the witchcraft/is the heresy/is the alter.

"Girls, only sightly older than I was, the children of holy parents, underwent, before my eyes, their incredible metamorphosis, of which the most…

Wai o tapu. Wanna push US tourists in boiling mud…